Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm alive

Full disclosure: I think 'Strummin' With The Devil', the bluegrass Van Halen tribute is pure fun. To hell with guiltiness, it's just a pleasure to listen to.

Laziness: I haven't been able to work up full reviews, but here is some new and newish stuff that's cool:

Melechesh: Emissaries
Monstrosity: Spiritual Apocalypse
Grinderman: Grinderman
Amon Amarth: With Oden On Our Side
Tribe Of Gypsies: The Dweller On The Threshold

A lot of this is some form of extreme metal or the other. Not all.

Full-length reviews will be resumed soon. No later than this weekend.


skinnyblackcladdink said...

extreme metal: have you ever heard Strapping Young Lad?

i used to be a total metalhead: this band freed me from my search for the ultimate uber-metal-thrashing; now i can guiltlessly enjoy the wussiest music imaginable.

well, relatively guiltlessly.

JP said...

A little, but not as much as everyone I actually listen to assures me I should.

I was equally into 'grunge' in the 90s, at least until bands like Creed and Godsmack started surfacing, so metal never was an arms race situation for me - howeover, a little over half my listening is still heavy music of one kind or the other.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Yeah, that Melechesh disc is awesome, and we've disussed Amon already...good shite to say the least